Configure the Networkinterface of the RzK Software:

The network-configuration is used for choosing an networkadapter and assigning ip-address, gateway and subnetmask.

Usually you should use the IP-settings of windows for the selected interface. Because the RzK software uses it´s own TCP/IP stack you may use different settings.

The LED 4 indicates if you have choosen settings different from the Windows IP configuration.

1 Here you can select the networkinterface (network card). If you change the interface the corresponding MAC address and Windows IP configuration is shown below (2) and the last used RzK IP configuration for the adapter is choosen.
3 Select the IP address the RzK software should use for the selected interface.
4 This LED indicates in how far the settings corresdond to the Windows IP configuration:
The Windows IP configuration of this interface could not be determined.
The current selected interface has no binding to the Windows TCP/IP-stack.
The settings are identical to the Windows IP settings. (Default usage).
At least one setting (IP-address, netmask or gateway address) is not the same as configured under Windows. If you move the mouse over the LED you will see which setting is different.
5 Enter gateway and IP netmask for the selected RzK network interface.
6 The Button Check tries to retrieve MAC address of the gateway via ARP.
7 You can enter two DNS server addresses. The check button tries to get the corresponding MAC address.
8 The button Restore Windows Conf. sets the configuration back to configuration of the adapter used by Windows. This is useful if you are not using always the same IP configuration under Windows. If the Windows configuration has changed you will receive a message at program start and this network configuration window opens automatically. Use this button to accept the new Windows settings for the RzK software.